Life is a rollercoaster

Life is a rollercoaster

I had my first child three years ago, a wonderful little daughter, sweeter than I could ever have imagined. After only three weeks she was sleeping through the nights and while awake she was always happy and content. She was a dream baby. So, greedy me wanted more of this sweetness and when little Naomi was just nine months old I fell pregnant again - yes, intentionally. This time there were two babies and yes, we were a bit shocked at first, but happy too! Out came two demanding boys, nothing like their sister... but equally adorable.

Today Naomi is (hopefully) just over her tantrum-phase, but Wicked Max and Cheeky Bob are just about to enter it. Getting through the day is a new challenge, starting at 5 AM, every morning, after about four hours of sleep (on a good day). I love my kids more than anything, being a mom is the best thing ever, but yeah... it's not exactly a walk in the park.

In this blog I will share my thoughts on motherhood, let you in on some tips, tricks and secrets, and hopefully get connected with some of you other tiger mamas out there!

Whatever works

20 Mar 2019

I am a perfectionist, at least I used to be. These days I live more by the whatever works-philosophy. I started working part time a couple of months ago, after having been home with my kids for about three years. By then Naomi was three and the little tyrants were almost two. They settled well into daycare and I got that welcome relief of a few hours every day in adult company. Work feels like a break, honestly! 

Today we are having pancakes with berries for dinner because that's something they'll all eat. Whatever works, right! (No, they sure won't look as fancy as the ones in the picture here..!)

How can they grow so fast?

23 Feb 2019

Just two months ago I bought a whole new wardrobe for Max and Bob. We're talking hoodies, sweat pants, t-shirts, socks and shoes. Now they have outgrown them. Naomi never grew this fast, she usually wears her clothes for about six-nine months before it is time to update her wardrobe. These little guys are freaks of nature. I have started buying some clothes second-hand because buying new stuff every other month gets really expensive.

Do you buy kids' clothes second-hand?