Saturday, April 25, 2009


Woke up early today and got the baby settled with MIL. We were on the road at 9 a.m. heading to the Marina. It was still a little bit chilly but it was better than anything else. We grabbed a quick sandwich at WAWA. When we got there we immediately started working on taking of the shrink wrap around the boat from bieng winterized. The boat was not that dirty, however like last year the vinyl seat had mildew on it. Good thing we had the mildew remover that took off most of the spots. Ralph did the outside of the boat while I did the inside, mainly the seats. We got done pretty quick since most of the grime, dirt and mildew came right off. We sprayed it down, parked it and took pictures. Ralph is planning on taking us out boating next week if the weather is nice enough.


shydub said...

Inyo na tana boats dha lods hehehe.
Kamo ra duha nanglimpyo kugihana ninyo, cleaning date to ninyo duha. Nice ang weather this weekend pero next week mura dili kaayo.

momgen said...

kaguapa ni meody diha hehehh

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