Friday, March 5, 2010


How many of you have health or life insurance? I know looking for the right insurance can be hard specially when your looking for something specific. Just recently Ralph cancelled mu existing life insurance to look for a better one. I personally don't know a lot when it comes to that so I let him do all the searching and I ask him questions about certain things. We got the package for the quote last week but we have yet to look it over and decide if we are going with this company or not. He also mentioned something about a health savings account that would be good not just for me but also for him. Ralph just wants to make sure that if something ever happened to either one of us, the surviving beneficiary will be taken cared of. I really don't like to think about those things but I have to specially that I have kids. Hopefully we can make a decision by next week so the agents can stop calling us on the phone.


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