Friday, March 5, 2010


I now know 3 friends of mine that is in the process of getting the big D- Divorce. One even said that It must be in the waters or something, I just had to reply back that I don't want to drink that water, lol. The second person I knew that is getting a divorce is on the process of looking for a new job, a day job where she can stay with her kids at night to make sure that they go to sleep at the right time and that they get bathes. No luck so far, she should look into jobs in Philadelphia since we are very near Philadelphia. I know for one she has been on an interview and is waiting to hear from the rest of the company she has applied for. I really hope she gets one that not is not only financially better but most of all something good for her family. She knows that if she ever needs a hand with something, she can always count on us.


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