Thursday, July 15, 2010


Vacation is almost coming to an end.I don't even want to think about going home and not seeing my mom and sister again for many years. My MIL and I are dreading the long long flight going back home. The flight coming here she worried about smoking, will she be able to control her urges. I told her to just bring her e-cig for use at the airport and it did help with her urge to smoke. I remember that my grandfather use to smoke so much. From cigarette, to pipe and lastly cigar. When he smoked the pipe it was pleasure for us coz we loved the smell of it. As for the cigar we hated it. He even got imported cigar from my cousin who worked at Tinder Box. She probably knows arturo fuente cigars and familiar with its brand. My uncle stopped smoking before and so did my husband but they eventually went back to their old habits. That is my husbands only vice which I don't really mind as long as he smokes less. I hope once day my husband, uncle and MIL will be able to stop smoking.


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