Difference Between Sweat and Sweat

Raising two boys who are like a mix between a tornado and a blender on steroids is no walk in the park. I love them, and also my daughter, to the moon and back but the days they don´t make me sweat like a long tailed cat in a room full or rocking chairs are easily counted on one hands fingers! 

But lately I have noticed another kind of sweating, not related to my kids and their endavours. It came creeping up on me and from having to dry my hands on my pants from time to time I now have to carry paper towels all the time to wipe my hands that are wet as a pair of children socks on a rainy day. 

Not caused by heat or exercise

The sweat is just there for no reason and of course I went to see a doctor. It turns out I have something called hyperhidrosis (yeah, say that fast 7 times if you can!) which means excessive sweating. I have no control over it in other words. 

To my disappointment there is no cure for this condition I share with almost 3% of the wold population. But there are treatments that can reduce the problems! By using iontophoresis machine the problem can be something I can live with. It is a machine that send low current through the hands to give a long-term effect. This is definitely something I am going to do!  

4 Nov 2021